Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sidhanth Kapoor

Sidhanth Kapoor from the movie Tutiya Dil. Amazing body and is that a covered but clear butt-shot and covered frontal? wowsa. nice body, great face. even love the boxer-brief shots. we know nothing much of the movie - but are defo going to pick it up! 

Won't be long before we see full on butt-shots of hot actors and newcomers.
Special thanks to contributors - finally we hear from you! - who have been sending us images.

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  1. Just FYI he is Shakti Kapoor's son! :)

  2. Indian hunks are becoming so bold and more sexually open. He's hot!

  3. ^^ FYI Faux Pas| the above actor is Sidhant Kapur not Siddhant Kapoor who is Shakti Kapoor's son

  4. He is not Siddhant kapoor... he is Sidhant Gupta.

    Indian Hunks are getting bolder by each passing day. He is so sexy by face and body too. He might have been completely nude while shooting this scene or atleast in thongs. The thought itself makes mine restless and hard. He has such round ass. Would love to taste it.

  5. omg..what a body and super cute face...angel.

  6. i have watched this movie but the shower scene dnt have such exposing they are just showing his upper body part

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  8. video link please...

  9. he iz so sexyy!!
    juz surfed thru d net n saw his video online
    had to see entireee movie (by jumping :P n seein in wich scene d gal has wore purple..!!!!)
    and he has plenty of sexy postures in that briefs
    i wish i2had such a body in future wid those funky briefs :D

  10. if any1 has dat shower scene.......or has seen it in d movie......plz tell when iz dat scene
    in d stratin or in middle..whennn ??!!!!
    i have seen dose briefs funkywale :D scenes but now i wanna c dat shower scene :P
    but dnt hav d tym to c entirrrrrrrrrrrre movie!!!

  11. omg just i surfed and found dat he was completely nake (or a veryyy tiny brief!!)
    bcos dat black portion didnt changed even wen he turned front!!!
    to d maker of d blog-
    plz uplod his naked videos frm
    d shower scene -at 57th minut
    n d semi-nude sexy scene - at 78th minute.........to81!!!
    reallly daring actt!!!
    (n he iz not son of shakti kapoor..dat guy iz diffrnt)!!