Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sushant Singh Rajput

so we finally met Sushant Singh Rajput live. very desi. very dorky. but HOT as fk. and damn. what a body! who knew he had these rockin' abs? great dancer too.
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  1. Sushant Singh Rajput shall always live in my memory as that sweaty sportsman from kai poche or the roadside Romeo from the flick with Parineeti, I forget its name. There’s something about the man. He’s lean, so he’s not like all the other newcomers in Bollywood. That shaved chest, the shaved pitts, with just a slight hint of stubble growing there, then there’s the mop of hair on his head... its floppy, the kind you’d think of on a bus-conductor, an attractive plumber, someone who comes to your house to fix the wifi or Tata Sky. You know, not exactly impoverished, but yet not middle class enough to introduce to your pals as your ‘pal’. He’s that forbidden sex, the type you have when no one’s watching, the type you yield to just out of pure lust, the sweaty, musky kind. He’s cute, that hooked nose, those funny teeth – looks like a cross between a wolf and a fox, I’m sure there’s a name for those. He’s straight though, you can make out. He loves blushing when he’s kissing his women onscreen. Enjoys it, with a tingle in his pants, the beginning of something harder growing in the confines of the tight elastic that imprisons his most enigmatic part – his cock. Why enigmatic? Cause I just can’t imagine it. Now, I’m usually someone who can draw myself a mental dick no matter who the bloke is, but for Sushant, it’s not that easy. Maybe he’s the type of guy you wanna have make-out sessions with, while groping his crotch, the mystery of what’s inside proving to be even more exciting than knowing the exact geometrics of it, the taste of his saliva making it more enticing.
    Would I do him? Oh heck yeah! Lick that lean chest, let my nose graze his treasure trail, go down on that local kulfi and give those tight buns a squeeze, hopefully in a steamy, decrepit bathroom in some chawl.

  2. role in kapoche was amazing very good actor