Monday, 30 December 2013

Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut Jamwal is the hottest guy. watch out for this one. he's hot, fit, gorgeous - i mean that face - he's beautiful!!! and that kick ass body. we heart this one. only at

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Shiv Darshan

where nepotism rules, of course Shiv Darshan has a chance to make it as a lead actor in bollywood. the guy is fit. hot. amazing body. we saw the first few songs of Karle Pyaar Karle and he was working those tight tops and man cleavage. and then, we saw him rock a pair of stripey sq-cut swimsuit - and damn!! this guy has a rockin' body. face is ok. let see how he acts. well, not that it matters much. we are defo heading to the cinema on the first week of jan to check this hottie out. even the girl is pretty. we remember while watching hottie vidyut jamwal's film Force... or whatever it was called that as hot and amazing as he looked, the leading lady was distractingly average looking.

the hot chick in this film looks good. and both rocked their swimsuit shots. hmm. hope to see more of sexy Shiv Darshan in less! lolz. some shirtless snaps of this hunk we found online here;

only at

btw if YOU Mr Indian male model, actor, celeb are not on SBM, its 'cause you are NOT hot! ;o)

PS: if you have screengrabs of sexy shiv in the swimsuit, briefs or less, pls mail them to us at ashfanatik@yahoo. com NO fakes. no spam pls. Ash

ab-tastic shiv darshan
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Ranveer Singh

heheh. funny shizz we read on tumblr, has Ranveer Singh's nose grown longer from the time he started? look here in above pic and look at the show! hmm. wonder what other appendages have grown since then?! lolz. pple in India are fun/funny! hot pics of b'wood hunks only at

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Taaha Shah

sexy, hot, cutey Taaha Shah with no shirt on. only way we like him. those abs are siiiick. and the low-rise jeans. the sneak peek at his underwear... hotness. only at

Aaran Chaudhary

Aaran Chaudhary. the snap of Aaran Chaudhary semi nude is the one of the most popular clicked on pics at SBM.

see our archive of sexy snaps of this fit, fat-free hottie here. the body is insane. rock hard.

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Hot Desi Guys in towels

ab tastic hot Indian guys in towels. only at

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor - cute, cute. and with his little brother. cute, cute, cute. aww. we love this. only at

Hot Indian Male Models Shirtless

there are some seriously hot Indian guys around... Hot Indian Male Models Shirtless. wowsa. only at