Tuesday, 1 July 2014

TV Hunk

we are tots loving this ram leela inspired shoot by amit khanna photography. with tv hunk Mrunal Jain and his rockin' body, this is sexy, sensuous and gorgeously shot. we heart it so much. the gal is no deepika... er no offense but the guy's body is rockin'. he should do sexier shoots. if he was to truly ape ranveer singh, the dhoti would be a littl' lower to show off the 'v' a bit more and a bit more butt cleavage. we've been on a shoot with ranveer and that sexy man is not shy AT all... anyhoo, back on track. sexy TV hunk Mrunal Jain has done a sexy job of this inspired shoot love. love.

only at http://shirtlessbollywoodmen.blogspot.com/

and ps awww on amit khanna. such a cute baby face but why are all the photographer so chubby/fat?! dabbhoo ratnani is another great photographer but he's a tub of lard. lols. hmm. perhaps the exceptions would be sayan roy and the delish subi samuel (he's seriously hot - have you seen him? that body is rockin'! he should be a subject of his own shoots!).


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