Saturday, 2 August 2014

Kissing Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan semi shirtless, showing off his nips, in a vest, holding pupping and getting his smooch on! sooo sexy.

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  1. Ok so about Varun- He's by far the sexiest actor we have. The way he kisses Alia when they're in the bed in Humpty can get anyone a boner! He's so passionate, so playful, so mischievous- that gin makes you want to just have him right there and then!
    His nipples are so huge and yummy!
    And that BUTT!!!! I would just love to have that as my pillow every night! What a fine piece of booty! Love the curve in his jeans. The BUTT is the hottest i've ever seen! Woah!

  2. One request to admin is.
    His episode by UTV Stars for 'Breakfast to Dinner' shows him working out. If you look at him doing push ups in his gym pants, you'll see the craziest bubble butt you might have ever seen. A cap of that please? Sooooooooooooo hot Varun! Can I just tie you to my bed and do stuff to you that you might've never even dreamt of.

  3. Varun can yo please do a full fledged make out scene for once in your boxers? I would love to see how you look without your pants on, that too in action.
    You BUTT is a gift to fucking mankind. Show it off! Your jeans are so tight from there, maybe they love your ASS too much!