Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Milind Soman

let's face it, there are very few true male supermodels in the world. even less in India. but in a league of his own is still-sexy-as-hell Milind Soman. OH MY GOD THIS BODY! and look at him rockin' a pair of speedos at age 50+!!! ThisIs50!! hot hot hot. what an inspiration. he still has that chiseled face and damn he's still so hot. dilf. indeed.

the expression is that he looks better than before - but you know what, its true. see him in speedos five years ago here - doesn't he look even better now?? that's amazing.

we have an archive of his sexy snaps from his early days here. don't forget to check out his infamous nude shot for the shoe-ad from the early 90s - that caused such a furore back then. so hot. he's still our 'made in india' uber hunk. sexy Indian male supermodels only at

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