Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Shahid Kapoor

can ya believe this sexy man is no longer available?! not that we had any hope but one can dream! and sellin' dreams is what B'wood does. congratulations to the sexy as hell and cute as hell and fit as hell Shahid Kapoor who just got hitched. oh that wedding niiiiight. now bless his socks for posting a topless selfie on his instagram right before he got hitched - just to remind y'all what you're missing out on. dayummm boy.

loving the latest 2015 shirtless sexy selfie of Shahid. that low-rise v shape, the treasure trail, that hint of pubes. whoaaa nelly.

and bless his socks, here's a series of his topless selfies. so freakin' hot.

that's hot. GOOD GOD we hope after marriage he doesn't stop posting them shirtless selfies. sexy Bollywood hunks and their sexy selfies only at

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  1. Undoubtedly great and hot body-many many girls will have disappointments- but what I found really funny was the diamond shaped trimming of the fuzz around his belly button.