Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Akshay Kumar

Just a gentle reminder: Akshay Kumar is HOT. just the hottest hunk Bollywood has ever had. now older, none-the-wiser, waxed and graying in Brothers, we just had a flashback to the time he'd drop trou' and don a speedo at the drop of a hat.  sadly, he doesn't do that anymore. hoping one day he'll do something hot and sexy on screen and on pic again... one can (wet) dream...

sexy Bollywood shirtless hunks only at

Akshay Kumar in black speedos 

Akshay Kumar in red speedos from the film Mr Bond

Akshay Kumar in blue speedos in the shower

Akshay Kumar in blue speedos at the beach

Akshay Kumar in black speedos in the pool

Akshay Kumar in tiny shorts, unzipped - the only series of sexy topless pics he's done that he said he didn't like. Its hot as hell!

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