Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Ranveer Singh in Red Bikini Briefs in Befikre

Ranveer Singh in Red Bikini Briefs in Befikre. need we say more?! Motormouth, over caffeinated, hyperactive man-child Ranveer Singh shows us what he's got. He's young, fun, and... well, not-so-hung, but clearly knows what to do with that hot bod of his. He joins our list of Bollywood actors caught in briefs and speedos at long last. Though he's been shirtless from his first movie, and pantless - but mostly in shorts and boxers and square-cut swimsuit. At long last, he's in briefs. Thank God he didn't wait till he was 50 (cough cough Salman Khan!).

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PS 1: We have a running bet and countdown in the office that Ranveer will eventually be the first mainstream Bollywood actor to do a proper butt shot.

PS 2: We also have a countdown to the end of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's relationship.  Just wait and watch - Brangelina break is nothing. This will be the newsbyte of all bites.

Sexy Akshay Kumar takes his shirt off...

For a SERIOUS 90s throwback, before all Indian men have seemingly started waxing, hot bear Akshay Kumar in his hairy-chested sexy days. The pursuit of the hirsute hottie is slowly dying (like our perpetual hunt for the hot Bollywood hunk in speedos today) but the early 90s, SBM icon Akshay Kumar gave us sexy shoots and shots, speedo scenes in movies, those endless pelvic thrustin' song and dances... sigh.

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Vinod Khanna was hella hot

Dear SBM subscribers and readers (and fk-wits who post dip shit comments that we never publish - you know who you are!). Let's just take a moment to inhale the hotness that was Vinod Khanna. Omfg!!!

He was gorgeous when he started in the industry and well into his 40s and early 50s, he was still hot. I mean like whoaa hot by any standards. We have a few shirtless snaps of him in the archive. check it out. but here, just look at his bw beauty.

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Sushant Singh Rajput's Sexiest Shots recently

Be it the shirtless selfies, or the sexy, polished shoots he's been doing, hottie Sushant Singh Rajput has been killing it in shoots and film. His cricket film is a certifiable hit. He's hot. He's shirtless often enough for us. And a contender for the SBM of the year. yeah baby.

Some of his best pics found online; from the Filmfare shoot he did, plus selfies. all images found on tumblr, via google etc.

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