Wednesday, 14 December 2016

More Red Brief shots of Ranveer Singh... but no butt shot. Yet.

Hopefully, the director's uncut version will be released on DVD eventually, but no, we still don't have a cap of the alleged nude scene of Ranveer Singh here. BTW just to point out, we said this years ago that Ranveer is defo going to be the first Bollywood mainstream actor among current gen (there have been past actors who have done butt shots already) who will do a full nude scene. eventually. almost.

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  1. There is indeed a buttshot of Ranveer singh. It can be clearly seen in pirated version avaliable online. The scene occurs when 4 of them are on a yacht and Ranveer comes out covered in a pillow for water. Then he turns and you can see his butt for 2 seconds.

  2. There is a butt shot in the movie I saw it in theater. It's during the second half where's he's covering his frontal with a pillow and you can see his ass when he turned around..its like 3 seconds

  3. Please post pics of ranveer's butt scene

  4. Bollywood Insider1 February 2017 at 09:07

    I have seen the rushes of the film - these are the uncut footage before it is sent to editing and censor board.

    There were 2 distinct scenes - one on a boat and a more extended scene where he comes out of the shower. The sexiest scene IMO however was where he was fully clothed but he fondles his bulge through his trousers! That was wowsa!

    I had a running bet with my friend that this wouldnt get past the censors. And i was right.