Monday, 23 January 2017

Hot Chocolate. How hot is this guy?!

The wet shirt, open buttons, the melting chocolate body... how hot is this guy from India?! Hot Indian men only at

Shahid Kapoor's abs!

Shahid Kapoor is a little stick of sexy dynamite. Despite the douchebag beard...or as I saw someone describe it as a fkboy beard, he's soooooooo hot. and getting hotter by the minute. that body. the virility of it all... love stalking him on instagram as all his shirtless sexy selfies show, the show-off loves to display his hot bod - and why not?! hotties should always strip otherwise why bother hitting the gym. got it? flaunt it babe!

Hot Indian men only at

UPDATE: More pics from the hot shirtless at the beach series...

Madhavan's bulging biceps

Now, like our friend Arjun Kapoor, Madhavan struggles with his weight gain and loss. Now we don't know if this is a recent pic, ol' pic... He sure looks cute (that smile!) and fit. lets hope he's maintaining.

Meanwhile, Arjun Kapoor... whoaa the fat walk on Koffee with Karan.... Who was the preggo him or Kareena?! Topped by the arrogance of it all. So talented, great face, but the battle of the bulge. There are only so many things filters on instagram can do buddy, we see you. we heart you but shed the flubber Arjun lover.

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Aditya and Suraj Pancholi

Resemblance is striking between father and son. both are hot. well, aditya certainly was in his time. and so is the younger Pancholi. Lets see what hot pics await. wonder if he'll be as bold as his father was back in the dazay?! Hot Indian men only at SBM!

Archives of hot images at

Hrithik Roshan's Sexiest Shoot Ever. Vogue 2017

Oh my. God. hottie Hrithik Roshan's sexiest shoot ever? and so elegant? and so freakin' hot! only in vogue India. can't wait to grab this copy. click on images for large pic. god bless tumblr that we found these images online. can't wait to see his film next week! say what you will, he's just the most gorgeous Indian man alive. Hot Indian men only at SBM!


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Gautam Rode's sexy briefs peekaboo

Gautam Rode is hella hot. and this sexy intor and peekaboo of his hot briefs and that butt curve and hot hips... whoaa.

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Dino Morea undressed, in speedos

Dino Morea recap. Of his hotness. in speedos, at the beach, in a tub naked... Hot, hot man. Hot Indian men only at

Friday, 6 January 2017

Imran Khan's new hot 300 body!!

what just happened? Young, twinky hot bod Imran Khan has transformed into theis whoaaa new gymd hot bod... We liked the hot skinny-er version too. but this works... i think. kinda. i dunno - what do you think of the new pumped up body of Imran Khan?

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Dino Morea in Baywatch red shorts!

Dino Morea is still helllaaa hot. and of course we are all stalking him on instagram as the unshy hottie posts several pics of himself in swimsuit, shirtless, hot, hot hot... He was a gladrags discovery and model nearly 20 years ago and he's one fo the few handful that has maintained his ridic hot bod.

Hot Indian men only at

Muzammil Ibrahim shirtless and sexy

Muzammil Ibrahim is back. looking buffer than before. still fit. still hot. looking older... none the wiser. hmm. Muzammil Ibrahim in briefs at the beach from an early shoot a while ago... Hot Indian male models shirtless and even pantless only at

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Akshay Kumar in Speedos at the Beach

The all-time SBM icon Akshay Kumar... the ultimate DILF. Seen here shirtless in the pool recently and a flashback to when he was at the beach in tiny tiny little speedos for SUHAAG (everyone - get the DVD or blue ray just for this and the infamous shower scene!(. He still makes our aged heart go boom di boom boom!

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PS: Search Akshay Speedos in our search and find the entire catalogue of shots of him in black, blue, red speedos. Those scrumptious thighs.. and hot bubble butt. yaaasssss

Siddharth Malhotra shirtless and in a swimsuit

oooh sexy as hellll Siddharth Malhotra shirtless in the pool. and in a swimsuit (wish it was a designer speedo!). and a clip of him shirtless on stage. he's a hot but... awkward dancer. not as smooth and sexy as say an Akshay Kumar...but worth watching for a minutie.

He's naturally good-looking and a playaaa and damn his fanclub is huge as we always get mega clicks when we psot Siddharth Malhotra shirtless.

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Indian male model naked...ish.

Gorgeous Swagat Hota strikes a pose. This hot young new Indian male model has such a versatile interesting look and with this new blond hair dyed look... its cool. for a pic. Gorgeous man, face, body, we heart Swagat Hota at SBM@

Vivan Bhatena's New Hot Bod

Model, tv hunk and reality tv star and actor and... what not, the young slim cute Vivan Bhatena is now this ridic buff hottie. Oh the loss of innocence though... He had such a cute look and now... well, I guess some people like it. a lot. Love the underwear strap shots. by the pool shot and sexy selfies....

Gorgeous man. fitter... not sure hotter than before but still hot. defo still cute.

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