Friday, 24 February 2017

Hunks in Trunks: Mr India 2016

Scroll across till they start wearing teeny tiny black bikinis. cute guys. great bodies.

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Punjabi hunks in briefs and naked... ish

Cute Punjabi guys strip down. yaaas cute. funny. hot. Hot Indian men only at

TV Hunk Shabbir Ahluwalia in Briefs / Speedos

TV Hunk Shabbir Ahluwalia in Briefs / Speedos. We have never posted his pics or clip before as he was always a bit on the chubby side. and quite frankly not that hot. not that cute. but then we met him. he's so charming. and so big and hunky in person.... yaaasss. So here's Shabbir in speedos in the pool.

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Vidyut Jamwal almost naked but not! Hot Bod! Bollywood uber hunk

I don't know why this hottie doesn't get more press play... maybe he doesn't do enough shoots/interview but Vidyut is seriously gorgeous. The body's beyond perfect. The face is model perfect. He's John Abraham part deux! duh!

Vidyut Jamwal almost naked but not! Hot Bod! Bollywood uber hunk.

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Indian / Bollywood / Brown hunk in Speedos at the Beach

So Mithun Chakraborthy is our guilty 80s pleasure. hot. tan. great dancer. there was just something about this hot Bengali. And then of course... he went on to put the 'B'(grade) in Bollywood. so many crap films. but in the early days, he was fit, hot and could pull off a speedo at the beach. eg in this pic. Hot Indian men only at

Ranveer Singh's abs in 2017....

After all the exposure in the super shiite film Befikre (god it was awful. but hot to watch for his infamous butt shot and body shots in general), lets see what this hottie does next. more than the butt shot... that was oddly not too sexy, it was him walking around in bulging boxerbriefs/the black underwear shots that were really hot. not an ounce of fat on that lean mean body. Ah Ranveer. hot. stay hot. and severely unshy! Hot sexy Indian men, Bollywood hunks only at

Varun Dhawan latest topless pics


Hotness! The latest, ab-tastic shirtless pics of sexy as hell Varun Dhawan. Can't wait till he does his first butt-shot in Bollywood! After our prediction of Ranveer Singh (Befikre! hell yeah), we think its gonna be this cutie. While his Judwaa 2 is a while away, can't wait to see his next film with Alia Bhatt. cute sooo cute. so fit. those abs. Varun Dhawan's hot chest in 2017. still got it.

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Ranveer Singh shirtless, topless, naked over the years

Ranveer Singh shirtless, topless, naked over the years. Hot Indian men only at

Hot Hrithik Roshan's latest topless pics

There's just something about Hrithik Roshan... oh wait. its the perfection and towering narcisim. but hot dman he's so beautiful. these 2017 shirtless snaps just remind us again and again how hot he is. oddly enough, the fact that he's so fit and gorgeous and perfect looking and still single... and his wife left him (tired of all this hotness?!)... sort of gives one hope oddly. that it doesn't really matter what you have, what you look like, lady luck doesn't favour all. it sorta just happens. soz, we rambling but ogle away at this gorgeous guy's half naked shots. top half naked obv... to see him in swimwear, you can scroll back to the archives.

A long, long history of hot Hrithik's shirtless pics are in our archive. only at SBM!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Varun Dhawan works out. Shirtless

Varun Dhawan works out. Shirtless. just yum. Hot Indian men topless only at

Ranveer Singh gets cheeky...

We predicted this a long, long time ago. Unshy Ranveer Singh would do the first butt-shot in Bollywood among his contemporaries and boooyaaah, the boy delivered. Hot Bollywood men only at

Salman Khan in black briefs

Salman Khan in his bikini brief shot. hot. kinda. Hot Indian men only at

Salman spoke at length that he had never stripped so much on film before.. .well, he kinda did in the early days. In his third film, (second film as a lead after superhit Maine Pyar Kiya!)  Baaghi, he wore a bikini for a scene.