Friday, 31 March 2017

Siddharth Malhotra's hot new body

Leaner and meaner, sexy as hell Siddharth Malhotra - the quiet brooding type - is not shy of taking his shirt off. thank god. hot pics found on tumblr. hot. hottie. hot. Hot Indian men only at

Sohail Khan shirtless and in shorts with a killer bod!

So, this was years ago. maybe early 90s ish. We saw Sohail Khan by the pool wearing, the smallest black bikni speedos we had ever seen on a man. ever. and he had the most amazing kick ass body. he was super cute. super charming. and was nice to everyone around. the bod was insane hot. now here we are decades later and Sohail Khan is still hella sexy. and fit. in fact possibly the fittest brother among the Khans. his face is a bit odd and puffy but that body. esp in those sexy swimshorts. hollerrrr! Hot Indian men only at

Varun Dhawan in a vest

Varun Dhawan in a vest. Tank top. whatever you call it. he's so cute. and so hot.

BTW how much do we love that some random picked up an image of Varun Dhawan and is trying to hook up online?! lol. loser.

Vinod Khanna shirtless

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Back in the day, Vinod Khanna was hot as hell! Go through the archives for his hot sexy snaps. Hot Indian men only at

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Shirtless hunk: Kunal Khemu

There's just something yummy about littl' Kunal Khemu! he's cho chweet and qute. or so we hear. Hot guy, reat body. not shy. what's not to love. go through our archives to see his rockin' bod in speedos. Bollywood bodies in speedos are so rare these days that we love him for it!

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Karan Singh Grover topless and in his underwear

Karan Singh Grover topless. Hot guy but... kinda looking weird now riite? are you all following him/or Bipasha Basu on insta? hmm. hot guy but.. but... something off.

Although we do wish he'd do a more hot shots in underwear - like he did for Rocky S. Those boxerbrief pics were hawt!

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Akshay Kumar's hottest pics from the 1990s

Akshay Kumar's hottest pics from the 1990s. Fuzzy chest hotness. he was such a beefy all natural, all man hunky hunk.

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hrithik Roshan topless. Ab-tastic

Hrithik Roshan unbuttoned is just hot shizz. He's sooo cutd so freakin' hot. that body. whoaa

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Ashmit Patel works out topless

Ashmit Patel working out topless. hot. hot. He should defo do less films, but do more sexy shoots with as little clothes as possible. Not that he's shy and won't take it off for the camera - go through the archives! he's a hot hottie!

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Varun Dhawan's Topless Stage Performance

Varun Dhawan's Topless Stage Performance. cute. hot. hottt!