Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Indian TV Hunk in White briefs: Abhinav Shukla

Our fav Indian TV hunk of all time is without a question, sexy as hella Abhinav Shukla. We finally saw the movie Aksar 2. It was ok. Like an extended soap opera with all those tv stars. Butt he song and the sex appeal of Abhinav is undeniable. He didn't look as toned as he is in the pics int he beach scenes. a ittle softer. the six-pack was not so visible... but there's something so sensual about him. and the kissing scenes were cute but... what was surprising was how good he was in the emotional scenes. and as his diction is good, he's good on screen. and that sexy deep voice. yasss yasss. yass.  the funniest bit was the leading lady was so... heavy - no body shaming - but when she was thudding along the beach trying to look sexy but it wasn't working. HE SHOULD have been in speedos. he has the ass for it. instead they put him in jeans and black shirt in the water! anyhoooooo - we can't wait to see more of him in the future... wearing less! ;0)  go check out aksar 2 - and the songs online too. where he's looking super hot.

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  1. completely agree!! what a hot butt!! Shouldve been in speedos