Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Naked Indian Male Models

How far we've cum... I mean come. Since SBM's inception about 12 years ago - and many of you have been with us since day 1 and thank you - it was so rare for a fit, proper Indian male model to strip off nude. Always some ugho randoms who used to send pics of his blah body. Now, pro models are not shying away in front of the camera anymore. Finally! If ya got it, flaunt it baby. no reason to hit the gym and stay covered. especially with the proliferation of selfies and instagram psots, there are several amazing insta feeds where the confluence of exhibitionists and voyeurs are meeting in one happy... um puddle! ha.

Tell us about great instagrams to follow, photographers, facebook hunks and we'll list out the top tens ehre. happy new year from team SBM - there were 4 of us, now there are 2.

Hot Indian men only at 


  1. Varoun is not exactly Indian though!

  2. Whats the name of model ??

  3. Whats the name of model ???

  4. Well it's kinda sad that it's just two of you now ;w; still remember the post where you talked about you guys in an interview or something. Good luck though! Cheers.

  5. Instagram follow -

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