Friday, 2 March 2018

Just a reminder; Shahid Kapoor is hellaaa hot


  1. Have you seen his gorgeous younger brother, Ishaak Khatter? Some hunky shirtless shots of his would fit right in with your blog ;)

  2. Loving the trim, lean n mean look Shahid has in these pics. Toned and defined muscle in his pecs, arms, lats and abs. Again though, wish he'd sport a smattering of (albeit trimmed) body hair, and trim that beard down to a stubble.

    It just looks...somehow, weird...when dudes like Shahid manscape and wax body fuzz down to the grain, and then try to compensate by growing a beard to look rugged/earthy. I just seems illogical. Plus, in Shahid case, he's married to a lady who's close on a decade younger to him. Why on earth he would want to make himself look older than he is by growing that me.