Friday, 11 May 2018

Indian Male Models in speedos with Pooja Bhatt

Hot chocolate! yass. Hot Indian male models surround Pooja Bhatt for this 90s magazine cover of Stardust. These guys were the hottest male models of the 90s. I'm pretty sure they tried their stints in Bollywood too.

The black speedo hunk - yasss to that body. and that butt curve. hot.


  1. Bollywood Insider13 May 2018 at 21:08

    Black speedo hunk is Gautam Kapoor aka Gomzee.

    He had launched an underwear brand called Gomzee and always modeled for it.

    He had also posed in the centerfold for a womens magazine called Savvy in tiny Gomzee branded undies - that was HOT.

    Try getting scans of those centerfolds - very hot!

  2. Didn’t Gomzee do a hot video film with Alisha Chinai called Dhedhe dhedhe mujhko.