Thursday, 15 August 2019

Hot Indian Male Model in his underwear

He hasn't made it yet as an actor, but as a model Farhan Khan is on top! Damn that body. those abs. that perfect face. hot hottie

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Topless shots of Aditya Roy Kapoor are everything

Aditya Roy Kapoor or Kapur is soooo hot

Akshay Kumar takes it off - damn that body

wax on - wax off?

sexy Akshay Kumar waxed shows off his abs but the fuzzy chest made him soooo hot in the 90s. in praise of men and their chest hair 

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Tiger Shroff's topless series of shots

So Yash Raj is about to release War with the two sexiest Indian actors of all time; Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff - that movie better have the most gratuitous topless shots of the two uber hunks!!

Meanwhile, a series of sexy shots Tiger Shroff has done for Dabboo Ratnani. damn those oiled abs. yassss hunty yasss

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Arjun Kapoor hits the gym - finally

so we are totally over the bs when actors get soft and pudgy in the comfort of their own success. and then blame rich people maladies as an excuse for their portliness. prime candidate Arjun Kapoor.

he worked really hard and lost the weight before he made his first movie appearance. looked amazing in his men's health cover shoot. and then came films, a hint of success, notable laze and a series of excuses.

now that he's dating the hottest and fittest gal in India - he finally hit the gym again. look, we know its a struggle to keep fit and maintain a flat stomach but don't spout excuses man. just say you got distracted and lazy. keep it real.

glad he's back on the fitness track. there have been several embarrassing public appearances - esp this walk he did in Koffee with Karan and his massive hips were so lol-able when he sashayed in and then in Ki and Ka when he was instructing ladies to get fit in one of the scenes. like you get fit first before telling others to get fit! lol

there's something hot and raw about Arjun Kapoor - but only when he's not fat. #keepin'itreal

Is Vicky Kaushal naked in bed?

Now how far did this committed actor commit to this very sexy shoot? Hunky tall dark and handsome Vicky Kaushal strips off for this sexy shoot - and we are assuming he's a naked actor in bed. well, one can dream.

hot hot Bollywood newcomer might be those underrated hotties that we've skimmed over - but damn that body! whoaa

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Ranveer Singh censored?

So we don't know if this is true but it is alleged there were more controversial homo-friendly scenes between Khilji - ie Ranveer Singh - and his right hand man (lols too many puns there already working in our head) but they were cut as the movie was already steeped in soooo much unnecessary controversy... dang.

hope in the future they release an uncut director's cut kinda dvd on the film.

Ranveer so deliciously evil - we dreamed about being ravaged by him.. didn't you?! ;)

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