Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Naked Indian Male Models

How far we've cum... I mean come. Since SBM's inception about 12 years ago - and many of you have been with us since day 1 and thank you - it was so rare for a fit, proper Indian male model to strip off nude. Always some ugho randoms who used to send pics of his blah body. Now, pro models are not shying away in front of the camera anymore. Finally! If ya got it, flaunt it baby. no reason to hit the gym and stay covered. especially with the proliferation of selfies and instagram psots, there are several amazing insta feeds where the confluence of exhibitionists and voyeurs are meeting in one happy... um puddle! ha.

Tell us about great instagrams to follow, photographers, facebook hunks and we'll list out the top tens ehre. happy new year from team SBM - there were 4 of us, now there are 2.

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Virat Kohli's rockin' abs.

So Virat Kohli has never been under our radar. But then he met bollywood diva Anushka... and then got fit..and then fitter and then, whoaaa nelly, outta nowhere, this rockin' bod. Now we payin' attention. Indian sportsmen seem to always have a muffin top or pudge... dunno why... and this guy got lean and mean. fit as fk. yasss hunty. Sexy shirtless shots of Virat. more pls.

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Tiger Shroff in a swimsuit

Since Tiger Shroff's picture of him in a swimsuit on holiday went viral, we've been combing instagram to find more images of this hella sexy hunk in less clthes. and bingo. like the early days of John Abraham, Tiger rarely wears a shirt - hell, if we had that body, we'd rarely wear clothes! - Here are some more snaps of sexy Shroff (its in the genes yo) in tiny shorts. And yes that hot bikini bod next to him is his rumoured gf Disha Patani. Hold on to a good thing. A nice guy, hot bod, great family, rising career, famea nd riches - Tiger Shroff is the ultimate bachelor. For the moment...

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Salman Khan in Speedos - his first commecial

Dayumn yo, Salman Khan was born sexy. And fit as hell. Scroll through this archival advert of sexy Salman in speedos. The bone structure - he was always a beautiful man. Fit as hell. Wish the clip was clearer but this was from the 1980s. Cute ad of Campa Cola. Wonder if we can find images from this shoot one day. When he was trim and toned...

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Sexy Akshay Kumar song from the 90s.

Dont ask me why, but i found this entire song and sequence sooo freakin' hot back in the day. its vintage akshay kumar. the mullet. the unwaxed chest. the b grade film. the budget.. the edits. oyve. but he's sooo hot. and with loads of screen kisses. dont ask why, it did everything for me. still does ;)

Brief encounter: Muzammil Ibrahim in his underwear

whatever's happened to this Kashmiri hottie? long time no see. no news. no... nuthin'. such a hottie. hot Indian men only at

Shirtless sexy Sushant Singh Rajput at the gym in shorts.

dang. that body of sexy as hell Sushant Singh Rajput. Putting the Grrrrrrrr in Rrrrr. hottie. hot Indian men only at