Friday, 29 July 2016

Ranveer Singh Naked in Bed

well, we thought it would be a film where we'd first see Ranveer Singh naked but thanks to the selfie and modern tech, he's releasing his own nude shots. hot. hot hot. Ranveer Singh naked in bed. hint of pubes... eventually you know he's gonna 'accidently' show more! we can't wait! ;)

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Indian Supermodel in Speedos, Shorts, Topless

Aaah Milind Soman, the original Indian male supermodel. After earlier post, we were reminded that was only one name in the history of Indian catwalks that strutted up and down in style with true supermodel status.... Milind Soman

The dilf of all dilfs now. He's one of hte handful of models from the 90s who are still hot as hell.

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Supermodel in White Briefs

Inder... (not Bajwa) Mohan Sudan aka Inder Mohan Sudan Singh aka Inder Mohan... was the first mega model in India. Perfect bod, cut abs, lean, mean, unshy machine, he rocked Mumbai in the early 90s. the face and bod to watch... whatever happened to him? what's his full name? forgot.. we used to have his nudes here earlier too (front bits covered!). he was a mega hottie.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Varun Dhawan topless and his hot bulge

dunno why people are trolling on him, the body's hot. he's working out to maintain it. and the bulge is hot. and yeah its not huge but then he may be a grower not a show-er. either way, we think he's fit as fk. hot Indian men only at The largest collection of shirtless pics of Varun D only at

Aditya Roy Kapoor's latest Shirtless Pic

aww so cute. and yet, so hot. sexy Aditya Roy Kapoor shirtless. we collect the rare pics like gems for a treasure box. yummy yumm. Hot Indian Bollywood men only at

Karan Singh Grover in Swimshorts at the Beach

so he has the perfect body for a speedo and yet... board shorts for him. so sad. fit as fk Karan Singh Grover at the beach. during his honeymoon. 3rd one. lolz. we lolz we don't trollz. ;0) Hot Indian men only at

Kissing Hrithik Roshan many dream to do... hmm. one day... yummers. can't wait to see this new film of his. Kissing Bollywood men only at

PS: shot of him running with that deep hot tan. yaaaaassssss