Monday, 17 November 2014

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh had mentioned in an interview that in upcoming films, he's in a swimsuit a lot. obviously we had hopes that the dare-bare hunk would pose in speedos and such. no such luck. looks like just the usual swimshorts. =( oh well. shirtless, hot bod only at


US based Balmeet sure is a hottie. Decent face, nice abs, those sexy briefs....  Clip:


Glad Ronald NZ Tan is back shooting sexy 'desi' hunks again. He had veered off down a slightly pornographic line of photography and tried to pillow-cushion it with, as my prof used to call it, $10 dollar words, but shots of ejaculating men, with a tedious thesis and psychobabble/verbal diarrhea attached is still just a cum shot. Try as you might to say otherwise. [don't we already have the horrendous terry richardson for pornographic images in the vestige of high art/fashion?!]

What Ronald really excels in, is finding beauty in the everyday. his portraiture is exquisite and his retouching masterful. we've seen some of the guys on fb and they look uber average, but after lighting, finding the right angles and some wizardary on the computer, ronald has made many a man look beautiful.

glad you're back on track rz!

PS: Now with over 20million views, we are five people on this - and working on an upgrade. =0)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh at some promo event. but...all we can see are, are those hot biceps. whoaaa. body. tight. hot. only at

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sidharth Malhotra

oh nooo. we've been spelling the name of sexy sid wrong all this time! here's shirtless Sidharth Malhotra. cute. hot. fit. wow. strange new pics/ad but whoaaaa those abs baby! what a body! only at

Ranbir Kapoor

upon request by sbm fans (yes, we do hear you!), here's a post of Ranbir Kapoor shirtless. well, semi-topless. we just haven't been wowed by his looks in a looooooong time! a fine actor and all (perhaps even slightly overrated!) but... he hasn't been fit/cute in a while. oh well. lets see. hot guys only at

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Roar-ing Success

All right fellow SBM followers, we are over 20 million views strong. Need you guys to head to see the film ROAR at a cinema near you -  which has our fav hunk Abhinav Shukla starring in it. Pls buy a ticket at the cinema and go watch. We need the movie to do well so we can see more of sexy Shukla.

Obviously we heart him and have loved him for years here on SBM since his gladrags modeling days, tv hunk days to now movie!

PS: you know with that hot, hot body, eventually that shirt's coming off! yumm. expecting reports from y'all. xo xo

Honey Makhani

lets give it up for sexy, gorgeous Honey Makhani! with time he's just getting better and better looking. or he's just choosing better photographers (most of the pics here by Amit Khanna photographry) who are finding the best angles, shots, and images of this hot bod and great face. glad he's making a beeline to Bollywood and could be seen in a film soon. he's hot. he's cute. he's already got an online fan-following here. what's not to like?! hot guys only at