Thursday, 27 August 2015

Underwear Model

is this cutie the cutest Indian male model around in recent times? we think so. he could tots go international. that face, that body. that body!! its a complete package (and what a package - that shot of him in his white briefs in bed whoaa baby). since gym-plosion in India, there are many guys with great bodies but sometimes the face ain't great or the body's too much or the hair's awful or.. something's off. this guy's flawless. just so freakin' hot.

Sahil Aurora is defo one to watch.

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Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan working out between a film shoot to maintain that kick ass body. but... we are wondering what it would be like to be under this action. whoaaa baby. werq it.

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Sexy Sidharth Malhotra is too freakin' cute AND hot. just some random pics found on tumblr; at a press event he flashed his sexy abs at the launch of a book. some gorgeous pics of him dressed - even then he's so cute and hotttttttttt. and from his first flick - the awful but sexy Student of the Year (SOTY), where he was gettin' his rub on' at the beach. hot.

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Shahid Kapoor

 Shahid Kapoor posts yet another shirtless selfie. phew.thank god. we were worried post-marriage to the conservative gal, he'd stop being his sexy bad ass self. but nooo thank lord.

meanwhile he looks uber cute in his film Shaandar. can't wait to see.

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Imran Khan

Imran Khan has a new release coming up. hope all the fans go out and support his new flick. ok his last movie sucked asssssssss. omg it was bad. but he's still cute as hell. and talented. and the ultimate b'wood yuppie. cutie.

Imran Khan shirtless, in swimsuit at the beach here. Amazing body.

Our fav series of pics of Imran Khan taking his top off for a Filmfare cover here. So cute. and so hot.

Archive of Imran Khan's shirtless, sexy pics here.

Sexy series Imran Khan topless and in bed here.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Rishi Idnani

Rishi Idnani wins the title of hottest Sindhi male model alive! But.. what's hap with him? we haven't seen a recent shot of him in aaaaaaaaaaages. hot guy, great abs, the hot pubes shot just rocks. anyone have any new pics updates? has he given up modeling?

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Junaid Shirazi

Junaid Shirazi and his KICK ASS body. aaaaaaaaaaaand that'a a nice ass! is the body real or photoshop? dunno but wow cute and fitttt as hell.

pic by sayan sur roy - get your portfolio shot by him if you are in Mumbai

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