Friday, 10 August 2018

Sexy Shirtless Men of Bollywood

arjun rampal

tiger shroff 
yass hunty. yass. name them all below:

Khan brothers: Salman and Arbaz

There was a brief moment when we though Arbaz Khan was hotter than Salman - the early days when Arbaz was modeling for that sexy coffee ad in the early 90s. Then Arbaz got fat. i mean whoaaa belly fat. cute guy tho. smart. funny. sings badly. but funny. He sure was hotttt back in the dazaaay. Salman Khan and Arbaz Khan - their colourful history tho... hmm. A tell all should come out one day

Sexy shirtless Jackie Shroff and Sunjay Dutt in Khalnayak

... err.. the last time either of them were really hot! lolz. Bollywood icons and topless hunks Jackie Shroff and Sunjay Dutt - remember when he says, 'chal body dikha, dikha apni body!". yaaass hunty yasss.

This scene from SOTY of sexy shirtless Sidharth Malhotra

ugh the first time we saw this, we died. yasss. yasss. SOTY forever

Sexy Ranveer Singh

ya know we've heard sooo many stories of sexy Sexy Ranveer Singh... he's hot. but... just a bit toooooo much. although yes to taking off more clothes. only reason to watch the fking awful Fikre.

Fawad Khan shirtless. Yass. Yass

Fawad Khan is so freakin' hot. can he pls come back and do a Bollywood movie??!! and take that top off. yes to the beard. yes to the fuzz on his chest. yes to that body - although we saw some pics on pinkvilla where he had ballooned up. oh dear. time to hit the gym again hottie. and stay hot!!

Topless sexy Aditya Roy Kapoor takes our breath away

hang on.. need a minute. dayumn that body. gorgeous and sexy as helllll Aditya Roy Kapoor shirtless. yass hunty yass.