Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sahil Salathia

tv hunk Sahil Salathia. its been soooo long since we've seen a tv star with a great body pose in speedos. hot. great shot. sexy Sahil Salathia shirtless, pantless. rockin' black speedo brief thing.. hot. only at

Saif Ali Khan

funny is sexy. and Saif Ali Khan is sexy as hell and we love his urbane humour. check out happy ending guys. he's cute. shirtless often. fit. and adorable. we love Saifooo! so sexy! esp with his shirt off. ok, he's not all six-pack abs and all but, he's cute and fit. besides, we have oodles of other sexy six packs at

The Guys in Vogue (India!)

So, we picked up vogue india. loved it. great shoot. then had a moment to think about these hot guys in the spread.... there are SOOOOO many super fit, gorgeous Indian guys hitting the gym. couldn't they find two sexy Indian male models? lean and mean ones with fantastic physiques and faces? for the spread, they could have killed it. we've really got to get over a nation being in awe of white models. sexy vidyut jamwal for example would have been hotter than any of the above here. we also have the same rant against underwear companies in Indian flying in western male models for underwear campaigns. there are innumerable hot guys - many of the best we've posted here - who could do the job for a fraction of the cost and do it better.ok, rant over. DESI hotties only at

Arjun Kapoor

loving the hot fuzz of sexy Arjun Kapoor. we heart Arjun Kapoor 'cause we sympathise. he has a huge HUGE tendency to put on weight quickly. the battle of the bulge is one that we all face. bollywood is constantly fat shaming actresses, but since this young hottie kapoor came along, online and in blogsphere they hatin' on arjun's tendency to flubber up. oh and we're guilty of it too! but bollywood, fame, on-screen life ain't for the faint of hear. stay sexy arjun! just for

Anuj Sachdeva

We at SBM have had the hots for sexy Anuj Sachdeva for ages. he's so cute. so fit. sooo sexy. wish he'd do more sexy shoots just to update his portfolio. seen here working out at the gym, damn he's cute. he needs to do more modeling, tv, movies, photoshoots. we miss our hawty. a while back, we posted a series of shirtless and semi-shirtless shots of him here on sbm and it was clicked on more than any other hotty from Bollywood. clearly he has a huge fan following. so why aren't producers picking him up?! hotties only at

Underwear Male Models

Shot by Indian photographer Rahul Dutta, anyone know if these hot guys are Indian? The dude in briefs could be... not sure about the other. hot guys only at

Friday, 21 November 2014

Aaran Chaudhary

Aaran Chaudhary, what an amazing body. lean and mean. we have a huge archive of his sexy shots. this hottie with a perfect, fat free, pure muscle bod is never shy of stripping off on camera - would you if you were this fit?! hot. hot. He and Abhinav Shukla are both in Roar - hope you guys have seen the film. so hot. sexy guys only at

See earlier post of Aaran posing nude here.

Posing in speedos and briefs here.

Posing naked again here. 

Entire archive of his sexy shots here.

Check out the hot video of him in black speedos at the beach. wowsa.