Sunday, 17 March 2019

Akshay Kumar no shirt, no service

From his first film onwards, fit as fk hottie Akshay Kumar has been revealing his hot bod. N'r shy of taking his shirt (and pants off) on screen, this hot Punjabi has been SBM's top hot list. look how cute and hottttt he was when he first started!!

Farhan Akhtar shirtless - damn that body

The worst singer in Bollywood - but my how success covers up for the sheer lack of vocal talent - but the one of the best writer, director and surprise, actors in Bollywood, we have been crushing on Farhan Akhtar long before he got hot. perhaps its something saposexual about him - the mind and humour is soooo appealing... then he got fit for films. and dayumnn baby, he hella hott.

anddd did you know in a dance competition when he was young, he beat 'the' Hrithik Roshan?! didn't believe it at first then we saw him dance and he's soooo smooth. so natural. so masculine. so fit. oh yesss hunty yess.

seen here shooting for dabboo ratnani's calendar. look at those abs. we think he (and Rahul Khanna) has the perfect body. its not too buff and unrealistic and its not too scrawny,... its JUST right. tight. fit.

Sexy Sid topless on a boat

Currently, the young hot 'it' boy of Bollywood, this gorgeous specimen of North India is the sexiest Man Alive in Bollywood. he loves to take his top off on social media and we love him for it. he is beautiful. limited acting and dancing skills - so obligatory for bollywood - but he's hella hot.


Sexy Saqib Saleem topless.

ok, his last outing in Race 3 with Salman Khan was one of the worst films. ever. after a long history of fantastic reviews, Saqib Saleem got his first BAD review for this film. in fact, they were all bad. but from an sbm point of view - he's defo looking hotter and fitter than ever. damn that body. look at the 6 pack. sexy Saqib Saleem shirtless. yass.

Jackie Shroff in Speedos. Bollywood hunk in speedos

Sonam and Jackie Shroff in swimsuit. Jackie Shroff in his signature speedos. he's always been sexy as hellll. and never shy of showing off that hot bod. 

Hrithik Roshan now and then - sexy then, sexy now. wow

Dayumn he's always been fine. SBM icon Hrithik Roshan from his early shirtless, unwaxed days to his Greek God days now. he's aged so beautifully. delish man.

Wax on, Wax off: Salman Khan

Salman Khan has been an SBM icon for so long that we've archived just about every shirtless picture of him that we can find. the q for you - do you prefer him waxed and buff or unwaxed, lean and mean?! We loved young, thinner, leaner better looking Salman. There was a raw sexuality and hotness to him back then - not to mention innocence. But what do you prefer? comment below.

Pics below Salman Khan on the sets of Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha 2004 and before that in Dil Tera Aashiq 1993.