Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Bow Down Bitches

this blog is everything. we have work and free time is limited but thank god for

fav tumblr. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Tiger Shroff in tights

Yasss to that body. and the post Dharma productions makeup (thank you Karan Johar), he's looking better than ever now. hot hot hot. fit always, but now hot at last!!! Tiger Shroff should remain topless tho.

Arjun Rampal bald, topless and hot as hell

Sooo we ran into Arjun Rampal and he is nottttttt aging well. the body is hella hot still but the face looks tired alll the time. the eye bags. the dark shadows. oyve... thank god the memories and jpegs of sexy Arjun will live on forever. online at least.

Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan topless together

There was a brief moment in time when we were crushing more on Arbaz Khan than Salman Khan. that time was brief. the two hot Khan brothers. In fact all three Khan brothers have never been shy of taking their shirt off. But only one should! ;0)

Akshay Kumar opens up... Well, opens his shirt. Yass.

Sexy as hella Akshay Kumar. never shy. hot forever.

The Vest of Bollywood

When ya can't pose topless but wanna show off dem guns, yass hunty to the vest. ganji time. every time. Semi shirtless Aamir Khan, Sunny Deol and Tiger Shroff. yass.

Long before Tiger Shroff, there was Jackie Shroff

a serious TBT - Jackie Shroff in an all leather outfit. yass hunty. long before Tiger Shroff donned his superhero - desi - look, daddy-o did it first. sexy as hell Jackie Shroff.