Saturday, 16 June 2018

Naked Indian Male Model - whoaa that body

damn Indian male models are pushing the envelope how hot is this naked hottie??

Upen Patel in bulging briefs.

Upen Patel top model, flop actor on his reality tv show. is the image on the left real? how hot is he? shame about he acting, the accent... but he hella hot and cute. and those lips. yaasss hunty.

Hot Indian male model in briefs: sexy Anuj Singh Duhan

dayumn he's fine. hot. toned. trim. fit as fk. Anuj Singh duhan is one of our fav indian male models.

Akshay Kumar topless in a pool

Akshay Kumar in a pool... we dreaming its a black speedo - but probably shorts now. sigh. still hot. go through our archive of Akshay Kumar images in speedos. we love him for it. 90s are basically him strutting in g strings for us. sbm icon. forever hot akshay kumar 

John Abraham and Varun Dhawan in their underwear

the only reason to watch this awful movie. these two hot hot hunks. John Abraham and Varun Dhawan in boxerbriefs. bulging. yasss.

plus varun dhawan holiday pics. hot. btw is that a hint of butt crack? or are we just dreaming?!

Hot Indian Male Model in briefs, speedos, underwear

ok, why do we not know more about this, hot hot hot Indian guy? he's so cute. so fit. the body. the face, the bulge. yasssss hunty. this hot stud is walking around in our dreams in those bikini white briefs. drool and died. yass to more desi hunks with perfect abs and body.