Saturday, 28 March 2020

TBT: DIno Morea's first sexy shirtless shoot

When sexy ab-tastic Dino Morea hit Gladrags and the modeling the scene. God he was soooo hottttt

Long before he was an (average) actor, he was THE BEST and FINEST and HOTTEST male model in India. The sheer volume of ads he did, the ramps he walked, the sexiest shoots he did... he should have become the top model in the country and tried his luck in the West as a model with a top agency. He could have hit the big league. We genuinely think would have made it.

He's still hot as hell...

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UPDATE: Dino Morea then, Dino Morea now. We so appreciate his work out posts - cause he's showing us all by example. He works hard for that hard body. and making us hard... ;0)


Farhan Akhtar is so hot in The Sky is Pink

Farhan Akhtar is so hot in The Sky is Pink - which is now streaming on Netflix. Yes, its a cancer-bring-out-the-handkerchief-sob-fest. But its also surprisingly funny, witty, clever and real and gorgeous. Farhan  Akhtar is so hot in one or two scenes, we feel Bollywood doesn't pay attention to his HOTNESS.

Anyhoo, he has this very sexy scene in bed where he looks so hot in micro shorts or bikini or whatever the hell he's wearing - some screengrabs below.

He's such a DILF! Watch the movie - The Sky is Pink - this weekend while you stay home guys, girls and gays! okurr?

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Jay Bhanushali's steamy kisses

Jay Bhanushali is a cute guy with an ok body (if it was better - wouldn't he have been in a swimsuit too in the scene where the leading lady is in a bikini?!).

The open mouthed kissing is not as awkward as most Bollywood kisses are. I mean the Vinod Khanna Madhuri Dixit kisses were intense too - on the same song! See the clip below before they ban it or block it! There are censored edited versions of this song up!

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Friday, 27 March 2020

Ajay Devgan topless and in sweat pants

Ajay Devgan topless and in sweat pants

There's a contingency that crushes deeply on Ajay Devgan - I mean, he did grab the heart of Bollywood's top actress Kajol back in the day. This sexy hot bod shot is for you. He doesn't always go shirtless no mo'.

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Vidyut Jammwal poses in a tiny bikini speedo thing...

Vidyut is so underrated. He's so hot, the body is in..cre...dible! Edible! lol. Posing in a small bikini/speedo thing


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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Who did it best? Sunil Shetty or Sly Stallone?!

So of course the pose and styling is a copy from Hollywood but we kinda love it. Sunil Shetty, sexy shirtless, buff, in bed.. with some chica. Or Sylvester Stallone in bed (shot by the great Annie Leibovitz). Which one do YOU like more? comment below.

The jean is pulled down a bit lower than normal. Sly Stallone went on to take it allllll off for the Vanity Fair cover shoot - something Sunil Shetty didn't dare do. He should have - when he had the body for it...!

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TBT: Hrithik Roshan's series of sexy shirtless snaps

TBT: Hrithik Roshan's series of sexy shirtless snaps

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