Thursday, 30 September 2010

Aamir Khan

i used to die for him in the early 90s

Rajat Bedi

from his early modeling days. he's bulked up a lot now. sad

Kamal Sadhana

those are some crazy untrimmed pubes! and pudgy kajol from her early years. kamal sadhana was such a hottie when he started off.

Dakssh Ajit Singh

anyone know his name?

aha. found it. thanks to sayan. Dakssh Ajit Singh. male model turned tv hunk. wow.

Fardeen Ibrahim

what a great hot, hot mod

Salman Khan

dabaang's a huge hit. finally arbaz can rejoice. the khan brothers are all so hot... In order of age; Salman Khan, Arbaz Khan and Sohail Khan. Sohail's the nicest, Arbaz the angriest and Salman the... riddle.

Zulfi Sayed

Arjun Rampal

Milind Soman

truly one of the few indian male super models.

Rajeev Singh

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hrithik Roshan

then and now. always hotttttt

Salman Khan

salman khan in sooryavanshi. his... er... 'he-man' look. the chest is ho. the look... hmmm

Monday, 27 September 2010

John Abraham

aaah johnny boy. he realises, no one wants to see him with his shirt on! ;)