Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunil Shetty

Sunil Shetty working out. what a hot, hot body 'Anna' had. damn hot.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar. SBM's favourite hottie. Shirtless, hairy-chested, topless top hunk Akshay Kumar. So hot, so cute. So wow.

Click on images to see MUCH larger pic.

Indraneil Sengupta

Indraneil Sengupta started off as a model, most famously for his underwear and then jumped into tv. He has fabulously maintained his hot, hot bod. Cute as heck acting chops are... choppy.

Randeep Hooda

Randeep Hooda back in the game. From the film Sahib, Biwi aur Gangster.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan, outtakes from Dostana. He's kinda cute and we wish him well but... needs to beef up! Good lord. How did he stand next to John Abraham with this paunch. but he's cute-ish.

Sahil Khan

The beefcake of B'wood, the very hot, Sahil Khan. the hair colour's a bit... out of fashion but the body's rocking. Hope he doesn't do more and bloat like that ridiculous looking society gym-monkey Yash Birla. Birla's the nicest guy in the world but completely myopic in his body quest 'cause from being once hot and fit, he just looks ridiculous and bloated. The cockatoo hair puff, the contact lenses, the dandy wardrobe, the puffed up chest.. omg he's the desi version of Johnny Quest. lols

Anyhoo, back to Sahil Khan. After Rama the Saviour failed to salvage his career, he's gone off films. Shame. He should stick to working on sexy films instead of childish ones. Murder 4 maybe where instead of the chick, he's the one half-naked all the time.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Avtaar Bajwa

Avtaar Bajwa. Hot new model on the horizon... wonder if he's related somehow to Indian supermodel Inder Bajwa? Anyhoo, cute guy, great body. Looks great in his underwear. wowsa.

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor. adorable more than hot. well, sometimes really hot. his ad for the upcoming film mausam looks cool but... he looks RIDONCULOUS with that moustache. when the ad appeared on screen at a cinema, so many people in the audience started tittering. aww. poor baby. he should stick to his dance-y movies and shirtless shots. and for fks sake, not take himself so seriously!

Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan in Singham. The movie is so ridiculously over the top. But a hit is a hit is a hit. Ajay Devgan did look alarmingly buff.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan on a set. Well now... He certainly doesn't look as buff and polished as the earlier post. Hmm. Still hot... er kinda.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Taaha Shah

Taaha Shah, the hot new hunk in Luv Ka The End. The film didn't do much, but he wasn't bad in it. Very cute guy, hot bod, not shy - will work wonders for him. He needs to do more shoots and get his face/body out there as there are few pics of him. Loving the jeans shots here. The pants are off, and he's hot. Hot butt crack shot. Nice abs. Go for it!

Saqib Saleem

Saqib Saleem will soon appear in Yash Raj films' young film banner, Yfilms. The upcoming movie is Mujhse Fraaaaandship Karoge which stars, among other, the very young, the very cute Saqib Saleem. Model turned actor. As a former model, of course he's not shy to take his top off and already appears in the film in boxers. very cute guy.

found this in the archive. munna s photography (he shoots guys really well) and had us thinking, is that Saqib Saleem nude? Nude-ish in the pic? hotness.

Sunny Kamble

Tall dark and handsome? Sunny Kamble. Especially hot when in tiny black speedos/bikini at the beach.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, in shorts, with a peek-a-boo crotch shot from Awwal Number. When he first burst into the scene way back in 1989, Aamir Khan was the hottest little cutey pie. and I remember everyone was dying for a piece of him. Unlike Salman Khan, who was constantly posing shirtless and in swimsuits (no speedos surprisingly though he's of the 80s-speedo generation...), everyone craved to see more and more of Aamir Khan, who remained mostly covered and rarely posed shirtless. I remember when Awwal Number came out - which btw is one of the worst fking movies ever made by Dev Anand who ONLY makes bad movies - we saw it many times on video tape for the sexy scenes of Aamir Khan in shorts at the beach. and the accidental crotch shot. he was so cute, he was so hot. well, 20 years later, he's still cute and he's still hot!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Aamir Khan

No, not Aamir Khan the actor, but Aamir Khan the boxer in his underwear. Crazy hot body and a hot bubble butt in briefs.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

2.1 Million

Hi all,

First and foremost, thank you for the viewership, especially the loyal viewers and followers. We appreciate your return, feedback and comments - but if members, anonymous commentators have wondered why only some of the messages appear on the blog and the others mysteriously disappear, well, I don't much care for vulgar, luscious or vicious notes. As there is no (obvious/hardcore) nudity on this blog, pornography or the like, am trying to keep it relatively clean and aesthetic overall. The proclivity for anonymous writers to write the most rude messages is tempting, but I wouldn't post or allow anyone to post anything that'll make the average reader, the casual web surfer to find this blog and flinch back in shock.

Appreciate all members, but lets try and keep it clean shall we? ;o)


Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan in the pool. Shirtless, sexy, fuzzy-chested. Gorgeous, gorgeous man. He looks like a Greek God in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - just as Shobhaa De has said in her blog. Too hot. Too amazing. lovely film. watch it. btw did anyone else notice how good looking farhan akhtar is too?! hot.

new scans of ol' pics. click on each image, much larger, clearer than before.