Monday, 28 May 2012

Prateik Babbar

Looking buff and good, young hotty Prateik Babbar. but... but.. we have so many qualms about PB. he got a lot of attention (some would say too much hype) just after his first release, Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na. he was good in the film... agreed. but since then, he's failed to deliver. period. saw the awful ek deewana tha and was just taken aback by how ordinary he looked in the movie, how bad his dialogue delivery was, how imperfect his diction was, how awkward his overall performance was. it was just a mess of a movie (to divert attention the lead actress in it was far worse, though she was a pretty littl' thing).

prateik's earlier release, my friend pinto, was blah too. his bit parts in other films, he gets overshadowed easily - he doesn't stand out ever. hmm. is this is a paper tiger - made by pure rag-mag hype-types? he's cute and recently, he's become very gym-fit.. but... but buff guys are a dime-a-dozen in Mumbai.

nepotism works only so much in b'wood (ok it works a lot - cough cough abhishek) but eventually, this cutie has to deliver at least a decent performance.

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