Monday, 25 June 2012

Kushal Punjabi

Kushal Punjabi sure has maintained his kick-ass body. from his early underwear modeling days to his now tv stardom, the guys is FIT. and as one of the few actors to have done butt shots and a frontal in a film (in his early days), he was a brave hottie. we wish him well - and more hot scenes ahead!

See earlier post of Kushan Punjabi in tiny, black speedos here. from his gladrags modeling days.


  1. he's done butt shots and frontal shots in a film? which one? could you please post clips?! THIS will be something to look forward to!

  2. the movie's name is BOMgay ;)
    short clip with rahul bose as the bottom ;)

  3. He is soo good and sexxy. I want to spend a night with him on a bed without cloths