Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rishi Idnani

Rishi Idnani has been a firm favourite at this blog. one of the sexiest 'desi' men alive, he's a gorgeous US based Indian male model (with a very average lookin' gf if you've seen his facebook! ;o)

but recently, there have been no posts nor pics. hmm. wonder if he's stopped modeling and showing off that damn hot bod. tsk.

See earlier shoot: Rishi Idnani's sexy series and pictorial for fantastics men magazine here where he gets all kinds of semi-nude

Rishi Idnani in briefs here

Rishi Idnani in tiny speedos here

Archive of Rishi pics here


  1. rishi idhani is so sexy. even I want to have him

  2. rishi idhani is so sexy I just want to have sex with him.