Sunday, 15 July 2012

Adriyan Aghaie

Adriyan Aghaie, new male model on the horizon. cute. most of the pics from his fb page and one of our fav photographers Ronal NZ Tan. check out and like

Tan's choice of male models isn't always perfect (just 'cause they're willing to get their peen out doesn't make 'em a model ronald!) but his photography nearly always is. the colour tone he uses, the palpable sexiness without being too overt or vulgar. we've been fans of his work for a long time. some of the model poses and the stark white backgrounds reminds us of the work of our friend in ny rick, but its all good.

the model here's interesting. the imperfect face (that honker of a nose!) makes him far more interesting than the usual chiseled perfection of male models and the dullness that comes with that level of blandness. don't know if this guy's indian or not. half perhaps? as my friend hema says, that's defo a Sindhi nose. lols.

1 comment:

  1. I think his nose is stunningly beautiful, as is his total package. Wow, what a beautiful, beautiful man.