Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dheeraj Amonkar

Dheeraj Amonkar. Wow. I've met him before but credit goes to the photographer Amit Khanna for making him look so damn good and suave and sexy and gorgeous. Loving the white brief shots and the black briefs ones too. lovely guy. looking forward to more sexy snaps of hot Indian male model Dheeraj Amonkar.

Also see earlier post of Dheeraj at the beach in littl' nothings.


  1. That 6th pic is amazingly sexy!! Love his confidence and swagger.

  2. Good Lord! Swoon! This guy is truly Hot & Drool worthy. Ash, i'm loving your blog a lot. Decent comments & good posts. BTW i believe you follow pinkvilla also! ;-)

    I would like if you could share the link of Amit Khanna's photographs. ;-)