Monday, 2 July 2012

Sahil Anand Arora

Sahil Anand Arora. Adorable male model based in India. We know very little about him but would love to know more. He's so cute. and love his cute littl' butt in the first shot.
The 80s hair is a bit iffy and too puffy, but, that smile is so endearing.

Here's a hot one to watch out for!

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More of him in white bikini briefs here


  1. Handsome face, great smile, toned body, nice butt and a bulge. Would love to meet this hunk!

  2. gosh, he's amazing. One of my favorites! I wonder when we'll get to see nudes in India

  3. he is a gr8 model and has a gr8 body. Luv his body

  4. Beautiful smile sexy body lovely nipples hot butt and a bulge ....would love to meet him

  5. ABSOLUTELY LOVE this Indian model :D he is one of THEE MOST Beautiful 1'z.