Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dunno Y

Dunny Y, Na Jaane Kyun. Possibly one of the worst Indian... well, one of the worst films ever made. Bad script, God-awful acting, just the worst, most inane plot. You name it, it was wrong in the movie. The first Indian film to address homosexuality... but the movie was just freakin' foul. Even the minor nudity and the parade of hunks (well, apart from Aryan Vaid, no one else was really hunky - the two leads were rather ordinary looking - considering the vast pool of Indian hunks that are out there and on this blog!!), there was nothing much to it.

Anyhoo, of the few hot scenes in the film, here are some shots sent to us from a regular contributor - u know who u are. thank you.

MOD: since above was posted, someone sent us these semi-nude shots of Yuvraaj Parashar.
And this little newsbyte;

"....Yuvraaj Parashar lead actor of internationally acclaimed [!!!] film Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyun has signed his first international film. But to get this film he had to do a bare body photoshoot. As Yuvraaj says excitedly, ‘It is a European film and makers were looking for an Indian face with a well toned physique. They were aware of me because Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyun is popular in Europe.They mailed me inquiry whether I would be interested to act in their film but they mentioned clearly that first they would like to see my film Dunno Y, second they would screen test me and third there is a one love making scene in film in which me n actress will be shot nude. If  I am fine with these three conditions would they proceed with me.I agreed as I’m a professional actor its my job to audition and lam comfortable with my body so the scene would not be an issue but provided I like my role.I sent them copy of my film then they sent me script. After that they screen tested me 7 times through skype.

After I cleared that stage they wanted to see my latest body pics.I requested them to hold on for 30 days and in those 30 days I worked strenuously on my body.Then I did a fresh body shoot which they liked.’

On being asked who is the director of the film and when they starting filming, Yuvraaj says ‘I’m bound by contract to not to reveal films name n cast and credits till they don’t officially announce it. All I can say now is I’m lucky to be working with these makers.Within a month they will officially announce the film.I start shooting for it in February."

Er.. Ok. Let's see what happens. 

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