Monday, 31 December 2012

Dushyant Yadav


Dushyant Yadav in speedos and in the shower! How have we never seen these before? Originally from fantastics mag - the American fashion mag, shot by Sayan Sur Roy, these super sexy shots of Dushyant Yadav in a tiny swimsuit is all over the net.

btw see archive of super sexy shots of Dushyant in briefs, speedos, at the beach etc here.

This journalist turned reality tv star, hunk, model is yumm. We are wishing and a prayin' that fantastics will do a follow-up and post more Indian/Asian guys on the otherwise whitewashed site. We are so crushin' on Dushyant Yadav too. he's so freakin' cute and that body is insanely hot.

 This is our last post for 2012. Here's hopin' 2013 has even sexier guys from India posing in littl' nothings. A nation of a billion, there must be hot guys to discover! can't wait for 2013. can you?


  1. I'd love to be in the shower with Dushyant! That photoshoot is one of the sexiest I've ever seen. I love how comfortable he looks stripped down to those tiny trunks. He's like the hunky roommate you have a crush on at first. It then hopefully results in some flirting and maybe romance...

  2. And he never shies away from showing off his pubes!

  3. luv the bathing scene. wish could have seen his naked ass too