Tuesday, 8 January 2013

9.4 Million views!

Holy cow! How is this happening?! Thank you all to visitors old and new. Your clicks and support mean a lot to us - yes indeed, its a team effort under the acronym Ash (those who've read the Male mag interview know!).

Anyhoo, here's a larger version of a pic posted earlier Hrithik Roshan in a swimsuit. Packing in that square-cut swimsuit. That body is ridic Hrithik! wow and woof!

PS: we just got a snap of Hrithik Roshan in the water, from a shoot he did ages ago. Note, same swimsuit, different body.
Cute then, hot now!

But... um, does Hrithik Roshan have just one swimsuit?! oh em gee - someone send this sexy man a bucket load of speedos pls!!


  1. Wow hrithik has got hunky thighs. He should expose them a bit more with speedos.

  2. Why bother to send speedos!!!Hunk like him should not be allowed to wear anything.... :P