Sunday, 6 January 2013

Rahul Arya

Rahul Arya! One of our fav male models from India - ever! Perfect bod, face, everything.

He should take a leap of faith and hop over to London, Paris, New York - the big league of models as he has the 'it' factor.

BTW we are pretty sure the model mayhem site of Rahul is fake - unless we are told otherwise!

MODERATOR: Meanwhile, we've been getting strange msgs online regarding Rahul's pics and video clips on this blog. As they are anonymous msgs, we are wondering what to do... do we keep them or ignore? All images and video clips, we found online or someone sent it to us (also pics found online). No privacy invaded, nothing we scanned, nothing we intentionally posted with any malicious intent - they are all online on various sites, forums, youtube clips etc.

As mentioned in our disclaimer, we have no intentions of maligning anyone. That's not our goal. We are promoting the best of B'wood and models, and this is a legit fan site. But that's all it is. Who the hottest guys from India/the sub-continent are, their best shots, portfolio snaps. If anyone has issues, pls e-mail us (ashfanatik@  yahoo .  com } pls join together and send email as we don't want spam) and we are happy to take it down if its a valid, legit reason.

PS: If any models, actors would like their snaps on our sbm blog, feel free to drop us a note!

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