Sunday, 24 March 2013

Habib Khan

For all its flaws, model mayhem sure has its pluses. The perfectly built Habib Khan we found online aaaages ago - the white brief shot which is all over the net with 'name unknown'. Finally, a fan sent us his hot, sexy pics. Amazing body, great face. This guy's based in the US (Ohio we think). So cute. So in shape. wow. would love to see more of him in less. lols. cute guy.. sooo cute.

someone give this guy more hot modeling jobs. whoaa. the white brief shots are amazing. perfect abs. vpl. sculpted. he has his angles fo' sho'.


  1. He has a cut cock can see it through his briefs would love to fuck him off!

  2. come on, very obviously he is in India. Many desi boys post on Model Mayhem pretending to be based in US or Europe. Perhaps hoping some firang would approach them with assignments (and then they start wrangling for ticket, expenses etc)

  3. look at the buldge in 2nd pic!!!
    gr8 meat to have all night..... yummm