Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tiger Shroff

wow, he cleaned up well. The eldest son of 80s star Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff is about to make a b'wood debut. and the body is wowsa. those abs! he had a slightly cray-cray curled hair thing going on before - but always the amazing, often shirtless, body. With the cleaned up look and styling, this young hottie is looking damn fine. can't wait to see more of him (in less!). hot. hot.

PS: remember how Jackie Shroff was the uber sex symbol in the 80s and 90s? often in speedos, posing in risque shots? hope the son follows suit!


  1. Plz upload the pics of Mohit Malhotra in speedos fromthe new Lux Big Shot ad &the video link of the ad.PPPPLLLLZZZZ...

  2. Definitely looks better after the cleanup but still I prefer Jackie Shroff the ultimate sex symbol any day...