Monday, 13 May 2013

Ranbir Kapoor

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now for those who saw the original screening of the beautiful but vacuous Saawariya will fondly remember, Ranbir Kapoor's nude scene, his fleeting butt shot, and his rockin' abs were very much visible. and then, subsequently, the scene sort of disappeared in later release. surprised that no one's caught the original with the full bum. hmm. btw just want to point out, i don't know why, but whenever some people write in, they use the term 'bums' i.e. i want to see his 'bums'. er. bum is singular people. lols. educating and entertaining. we are infotainment!

meanwhile, if someone could screengrab his full butt shot or send us a clip - would be awesome.

team of sbm!


  1. I think i cn c sumthng pointing dwn frm under d dat his cock ?

  2. Isn't that li'l ranbir showing up in last pick ?!!!.....or should i say "hanging out" !!!;-):-P

    1. ya its his cock ! i didn't recognise i b4 readin ur comment.

  3. Is that the silhouette of his ... ahem ...tool ... in the third pic??!!

  4. The strange thing is I have only heard people talk about this 'full butt' shot, never actually seen it in so many years since the film was released. That makes me wonder if such a scene exist at all!

  5. Hahaha, yes that is Ranbir's dick.
    Because we can clearly see that he is not wearing an underwear, so it has to be that hanging out :P

    Hot :)

  6. Okay my news app says that ranbir is ready to go frontal nude :O

  7. ranbir has very thin cock............
    but he have guts to show that....

  8. kash hum vo dekh paate jo film ke crew mamber ne dekha..

  9. i like this image plz see front pic u nude