Sunday, 2 June 2013

Karan Johar

Karan Johar. We - the team behind SBM - wanted to send a shout out to Bollywood leading producer/director Karan Johar and say - We love you Karan Johar. No matter what.

The four of us were having dinner on Saturday and somehow the discussion went to K Jo and someone said, all mums love Karan Johar. And it was true of each of us.

K Jo; Top Ten reason why we love you;

1) Your sense of humour
2) Your ability to make feel-good movies with sheer gloss and finesse unlike any other
3) Your articulate responses in every interview
4) Our guilty pleasure, Koffee with Karan - pls do the show again
5) The hot guys you bring on screen - hell, a chunk of Shirtless Bollywood Men somehow roots back to Dharma productions
6) As mentioned above, 'cause our mums love you ipso facto, we love you.
7) You are our male Oprah - your weight yo-yos and when you tone it down, you are kinda cute, whe your weight is up, your self-deprecating, witty remarks (self defense it may be) have us on the floor,
8) Your enviable roster of friends include ONLY the A-list of B'wood; Kajol, SRK, Ash Rai, Ab Jnr etc
9) Your underrated capabilities as a writer/director - the best portion of Bombay Talkies was yours
10) The smile you put on to mask your pain. It breaks our heart a little and we want to save you somehow.

In the ocean of haters on twitter and nameless blogs, the cowards bark loudest, we want to voice our affection.

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