Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Self pics

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Well, generally we like to stick to hot male models and actors and celebs and so on, but these 2 guys are 2 cute.

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  1. hi ash! the page is goin into new terrains now..excitin...btw can v ve some more pics of the singer guy posted recently?..tks man

  2. u guys hve awsome body & nice are too gud

    put some more sexy & hot pics of urs

  3. wow!
    really both self clicked r nice...n much more better then sum models too..but,y u added these pix so lately..!!
    anyway, u sud try to add more n more these pix...bcx these r 'fresh' new themed n sum better then boring model's faces!!@plz add more new face :) :)

  4. How to put your pics on this site

  5. who are these guys