Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Nawab Faizi

Model turned reality TV hunk Nawab Faizi's sexiest shoot till date. The body is amazing. And how hot is this sexy shoot of this young hottie at the beach in white bikini briefs, showing us a hint of hot pubes and those rockin' abs. Sexy hottie. we hope he models more. esp for SBM! Originally posted at - the largest desi hunk site in the world! Oh the fakers who copy us word for word, pic for pic on tumblr, glooce, raag - you're all losers. seriously. loooosers.


  1. wow!
    delicious..:*:* yummy body with sexy curve!!

  2. Nawab is a total stud. Want to make love to him all night! That Adonis body and handsome face make him the perfect boyfriend.

  3. Would love to hook up wid him and sleep wid him being nude in his bedroom.......ummmmm........

  4. He is sexiest asian male model right now. But he photoshops his pictures to the level where it looks fake....but must admit he has sexiest body i have ever seen. Like girls who does looks sexy in lingerie, he is also looking sexy in those sexy, tiny undies where we can adore his sexy body.

    I would love to do my dirtest fantasies with him. Would love to smell those undies. Would love to make him nude and lick all over his sexy body.