Sunday, 24 November 2013

Shahid Kapoor

His films may flop, tank like the titanic (the ship, not the movie!) but dayum, sexy Shahid Kapoor is hot has heck. great dancer, great looking, amazing body, amazing everything. and a not bad actor. he's short as heck but cute as fk. we adore him at sbm.


  1. they should re-make Kamasutra - movie and have Shahid as a lustful king!!! :P :*

  2. His cute face is enough to make you masturbate.

  3. Saw R...Rajkumar where in movie he sees sonakshi removing her kurta and when she threatns him he removes his shirt....when i saw his sexy body my heart stopped beating....what a sexy curvy body he has...those biceps, those abs, that sexy tight ass.....instantly the thought of worshiping and licking that ass came in mind.....Couldn't stop thinking beyond that....I love you Shahid that i wish all the success your way. God bless.