Thursday, 5 December 2013

NRI? Nude.

posted on another blog, of 'East Asian' nude. anyone know? not sure. but cute guy, wow body

UPDATE: wow, so many requests for more similar posts. well, check out

covered but nude indian model here.

gorgeous and perfectly ripped and toned Aaran Chaudharys' flawless naked body here (covered bits!)

Artistic bw nudes of Indian male models with their clothes off here.

Strategically covered naked shots of reality tv hunk Nawab Faizi here.

Nude Indian male models in bed, well, butt shots only. but cute and hot.

Three top Indian male models completely naked here - but strategically covered. and we still don't know who the three guys are. any guesses?

More arty bw nude shots of this very cute male model here.

Indian supermodel Milind Soman's famed nude shots here. BTW there is no other supermodel in India before or after him is there?

NRI and Sindhi hottie Rishi Idnani posed naked for the awesome mag fantastics here. what an amazing shoot that no other hot Indian guy has done.

With the amazing work of Indian photographer Sayan Sur Roy, years later, Inder Bajwa (Indian male model), Aanahad (Indian actor) and Dushyant Yadav (reality tv star)

Upen Patel covered frontal, tabloid shot. sexy, even if it was completely staged. 

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