Sunday, 4 May 2014

Ratheesh Raj

Ratheesh Raj, hottie from Kerala - we're always happy to find South Indian hotties as we have an overload of hot Punjabi guys in this blog. If you have more pics, pls do send.

many of the best shots here were done by Francois Mathys and also andrew adams photography.  as far as we know this gym hunk was discovered online via fb and tumblr and this chocolicious hottie - btw we've seen earlier pics of him nude and he looked ok with an amazing body, but he's been transformed via great photography - has some of the hottest pics this year. he's the one to beat.

if you have a hot, hot bod, show it off, while yer still young and hung. know what i mean? before it all starts saggin' and pot-bellying. even akshay kumar recently lost his hard-rock bod, but he can always look back on earlier sexy shoots and remember that he was fit as fk back in the day.

have a sexaay delish week viewers - we're nearly hitting 20 million views. whoaaa.

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