Thursday, 17 July 2014

Indian Male Model nude!

Oh my, lets see what the reach of our blog is.

Gorgeous Indian male model Ankush Sharma has posed semi-nude (well, butt shot) for Amit Khanna photography in very sensual and sexy video. Its beautifully shot and the male model has a kick ass body. see the clip here. As we type this, it has 886 views. shout out to amit khanna - hope he does more clips.


  1. WOW!! That was just breathtaking. Ankush's handsome face and great facial expressions make the video all that more sexy. One of the last shots where he's lying on the sand just makes me melt. His naked sensual body is a work of art. I hope more Indian hunks have to the confidence to do this.

  2. So incredibly hot! Love love love it!