Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Akshay Kumar

Just a reminder of howwwwww sexy sexay Akshay Kumar is. Shirtless... er not so six-pack abs...y. but hot as fk all. still. there's just something raw and hot about AK isn't there?

 only at

See earlier post of super sexy Akshay Kumar in blue bikini speedos in the shower here.

Earlier post of Akshay Kumar in black speedos in a movie. With video clip.

Akshay Kumar in red speedos in Mr Bond.

Akshay Kumar in black bikini briefs here.

And of course Saif Ali Khan AND Akshay Kumar in speedos, bikini briefs here. Damn, we miss the early 90s when hot shizz like this happened on screen all the time in B'wood!!


  1. Couldn't agree more..I adore John but when he is with Akshay i simply cannot keep my eyes away from Akshay even if for sexy john..such is the persona of him..Akshay in his 50s still he is fucking n ridiculously sexy..

  2. Hi Ash, check out this..comedy nights with kapil where sonu sood goes shirtless..