Friday, 17 October 2014

Ranveer Singh Nude(ish!)

Ah sexy stoooopid Ranveer Singh Nude(ish!). The body's great. The things he says off-the-cuff are not. He's cute, hot, dorky... He's got to start being careful in his interviews as he's starting to sound a bit 'tarded like Vivek Oberoi...

Oberoi during his ascend had a huge tendency to self-aggrandize. Then flops, time and Rai humbled him. Oh, not to mention Salman Khan. Then that career of his went off kilter. Just as he got back on track... went on to say his performance in Krish 3 was being compared to Heath Ledger in Batman. No dude. No. No one in their right fking mind compared you to Ledger. Not a single person. That must have been some hella' sycophant who thought your performance was anywhere near the Oscar-winning performance.

Anyhooo, why were we talking about Vik? Oh yeah, tarded statements. Ranveer Singh should calm down, pull his pants down in shoots and do sexy shizz more often. (eg when he posed in his underwear in bed, or went low-low-rise at the beach). Talk less, act more, dance more, strip more! That shirt should stay offfffff...


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  1. Vivek never deserved Aishwarya.