Monday, 17 November 2014


US based Balmeet sure is a hottie. Decent face, nice abs, those sexy briefs....  Clip:


Glad Ronald NZ Tan is back shooting sexy 'desi' hunks again. He had veered off down a slightly pornographic line of photography and tried to pillow-cushion it with, as my prof used to call it, $10 dollar words, but shots of ejaculating men, with a tedious thesis and psychobabble/verbal diarrhea attached is still just a cum shot. Try as you might to say otherwise. [don't we already have the horrendous terry richardson for pornographic images in the vestige of high art/fashion?!]

What Ronald really excels in, is finding beauty in the everyday. his portraiture is exquisite and his retouching masterful. we've seen some of the guys on fb and they look uber average, but after lighting, finding the right angles and some wizardary on the computer, ronald has made many a man look beautiful.

glad you're back on track rz!

PS: Now with over 20million views, we are five people on this - and working on an upgrade. =0)

We've removed images but we are keeping the post as we stand by our editorial. If you can take a compliment, learn to take criticism too. 

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