Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ranbir Kapoor

upon request by sbm fans (yes, we do hear you!), here's a post of Ranbir Kapoor shirtless. well, semi-topless. we just haven't been wowed by his looks in a looooooong time! a fine actor and all (perhaps even slightly overrated!) but... he hasn't been fit/cute in a while. oh well. lets see. hot guys only at


  1. "we just haven't been wowed by his looks.....slightly overrated!" .. Common that's rude... i find him the cutest of the actors in Bollywood in the present... When you find old uncles(Shah rukh , Salman and Aamir) with cosmetic surgery enhanced looks are claimed as HOT ... Ranbir has good looks and acting in his Blood....

  2. @rehan1988.. Rehaan roy of tv indstry.. Check his instagram photos