Friday, 26 December 2014

Salman Khan

young Salman Khan with his un-waxed chest and lean and mean body did it for us. he was hot pre-gym. post... around the time of khamoshi, he was hot too. then he just got bloated. but we still heart him. he's so hot. the original shirtless bollywood wonder. love the early days shots. even the funny one from andaz apna apna. in pursuit of the hirsute, many international fans visit Bollywood sites for hunky Indian men with this hot unwaxed chests. well, those trends have changed now. everyone hits the waxer! hot fuzzy chested guys only at


  1. Salman Khan looked horribly with his hairy chest and hairy everything else. It just hid all those muscles..

  2. No. It looks very hot and sexy. I love it.