Sunday, 14 December 2014

Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff. Is. Hot. Don't care what the haters say online. That body. That cute smile. The endearing Jackie Shroff link - we heart Jaggu da - so its all working for him.

 that body is ridic. and we love that he hero-worships the uber hottie Hrithik Roshan. in a very obvious way. this young kid is hot. and with the latest stardust shoot, the dorky side is slowly shedding.

he needs to be, now that he's got a hit on his hand, less approachable. stop smiling so much like goofy. just be shirtless, sexy and hot. the pics in stardust - and note in all the shots where he looks really hot and good, he's NOT smiling. we need stars who are not too approachable and also not too unlikable. its a fine balance. those shredded abs haunt us. so effin' yum.

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  1. he is fit--with a well defined body. has a somewhat androgynous look. hot nevertheless.