Friday, 5 December 2014

Varun Dhawan

So we've all seen sexy Varun Dhawan shirtless a million times - we've seen our stats, we know YOU have! - and shaved and plucked, waxed and buff, sexy topless Varun is as chikna as it comes. Or he comes. or what have you. in the latest ads for his upcoming film, he's a bit more hirsuite and we effin' love it. the hawtness. check out the abs. the treasure trail, that v shape... and hot kisses. hot hot hawwwt! only at

varun gets his smooch on below. plus apart from the kiss shots, the sexy abs. damnnnn



  1. Not a fan of the hairy look :(

    I think Ranveer has started the beard look - which totally works for him actually he looks sexier with beard - but on boyish faced actors like Varun or Shahid imo it doesn't. Still that body is in top shape.

  2. i agree don't lik dis beard look on varun neider on shahid n comeon varun we want to see d sexy u man ;) do some hot bed scene too.. bt must say i go weak on my knees watching him at times.