Monday, 12 January 2015

John Abraham

What a hot effin' way to kick off 2015!!!! Tubby Dabby... well, that's Dabboo Ratnani for you plebs... did it again with a hot sexy calendar, showcasing the best of Bollywood. The hottest pic in the series is of course, gorgeous john Abraham (who has been awol for a while!) caught stripped near-naked. down to his boxer-briefs, showing off his hot kick-ass body. i mean wowsaaaa. we hope this tradition continues for 2015 as Bollywood stars pose in their briefs, boxer-briefs (or less) for us fans. omfg can you imagine - there must be more shots from this series out there. we can't wait until they're out! hotties in their underwear only at

1 comment:

  1. can someone look so delicious..Only for u I wish i was bipasha.
    The camera lights should have focused a bit below his abs..ahh..well.