Sunday, 29 March 2015

Prateek Jain

Prateek Jain makes his first appearance at SBM. nice body (er.. dunno about the bulge) but hot guys with bears and great bods are rare so happy to have him on the list. lets see what else this non-shy mod comes up with. apparently he's mr india or something. no not anil kapoor (giggles) but ya know, the male beauty pageant winner.

hotties only at

Brief Encounter: Indian Male Model

shot by Amit Khanna, anyone know who this cute guy in his bulging briefs is? great body, nice face. hot. hotties only at

Underwear Model

not sure if this guy is in fact desi... but could be. anyone know who this young hot male model is? hot guys in their underwear, only at

Friday, 27 March 2015

Swagat Hota

Swagat Hota. wow. what a body! ab-tastic. and we love a hot, oiled up guy in bed in his briefs. such a sexy and.. well, a well composed shot. its so cool. hotties in bed only at


how cute is sexy Nikhil Gandhi? those abs. that v shape.. hotness. cute guys only at

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


how cute is this lean and mean twink. hot male model. thats some sexy vpl. hot white bikni. hint of pubes. gorge. hot fit Indian lads only at


Muzamil Ibrahim

hella sexay Muzamil Ibrahim in his underwear. such a sexy gorgeous man. looks oh so good in his underwear. sexy guys only at

Prabh Uppal

Prabh Uppal is such a good looking guy. and werk that body. sexy in bikini briefs. we love hot Indian male models, esp underwear male models. he's beautiful and we hope to see more of him... wearing less. sexy guys only at

Abhinav Shukla

Abhinav Shukla. hella sexy. our all time fav tv hunk who just got a few award on behalf of his team on ROAR. movie did well. not Khan-style hit but well. glad cause it means this sexy sexy Punjabi hunk is gonna make more sexy movies. we can't wait to watch him drop that shirt - and hopefully trou. thats an amazing body. sexy model turn tv star turned movie stars only at


anyone know who this hot hot bod is? whoa. vpl too. and that butt cleavage. yes pls. hot bods only at

Roni Chouhan

Roni Chouhan naked in bed. whoaa body. nice abs. that's a hottie there naked in bed. glad indian male models are gettin' real brave on cam. we've said it before, we'll say it again. if you got it, flaunt it. hot bods in bed only at

Akmal Shaukat

oh my. hotties in the 'hood. well, neighbourhood. pk model Akmal BShaukat is hella hotttt. that's a lean and mean body. and the butt. and tanline. whoaa babe. hot hot brown bods only at

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Manish Khanna

well now, here's a hot hot model working the catwalk in his briefs. sexy Manish Khanna shirtless in bed, by the pool. hot hottie. hotties only at

Bollywood Actors in Speedos

A range of Bollywood actors and models in speedos and briefs. Can't wait for the new gen to strip off on camera. Can just feel it - someone sexy as hell and an A-lister is gonna do nude scenes to break open the last taboo in Bollywood. waitin' waitin'.

Above, well, I'm sure you can all list the hunks; Akshay Kumar to John Abraham...

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Hanif Hilal

Hanif Hilal sexy and wet in the shirtless. such a hot guy with an amazing body. he should do more, pose more in sexy shots. hope the usual suspects grab him for a sexy shoot. those abs are amazing. ab-tastic guys only at

Monday, 16 March 2015


well, we don't know how much this pic has been altered as clearly hottie Arjun Kapoor is flubbier fo' sho' and Ranveer Singh lean and mean and naturally thinner. but its a hot pic of Bollywood hunks revealing their abs post workout. hot. hit the gym chubsters! hot guy at the gym only at

Male Model in speedos

Been a while since we had a proper male model in black speedos featured here. glad this hotty, shot by Amit Khanna, complied.

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Aamir Khan Nude(ish)

PK was bril. Aamir Khan's nude (but covered) body was more so. Esp as he's like 50! Tight and toned. so cute. naked Bollywood hunks only at

Friday, 13 March 2015

Indian Male Model in his Underwear

what a hot, hot bod! Indian Male Model in his Underwear. need we say more? cute. cute guys in their undies only at

Varun Dhawan

the latest shirtless, fuzzy chested shot of uber sexy Varun Dhawan with his top off for a cover. whoaaa. sexy snaps only at